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station square at batavia coast marina – awarding of public art contracts

Integrated art and creative endeavour are central to our design process and to formalising places for people. In this context REALMstudios has been working with Landcorp and the City of Greater Geraldton in developing a guiding Public Art Strategy and management of an artist procurement process for the new mixed use development; ‘Station Square’ at Batavia Coast Marina, Geraldton.

The project proposes a new urban square and wetland as central city making elements within the new mixed-use precinct. Both spaces will feature integrated public artworks to contribute to the areas’ place-based liveability.

Following an RFT and panel review, two artists have been selected. We would like to congratulate Rose Holdaway from Geraldton and Tim Macfarlane Reid from Perth on their respective awarding/commissioning. We look forward to working with them through a collaborative process and delivering exciting integrated public art outcomes for Station Square at Batavia Coast Marina.


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