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Excellence Award in Infrastructure
AILA Vic Landscape Architecture Awards 2021

Award for Infrastructure
AILA National Landscape Architecture Awards 2021

Infrastructure Innovation Award - Metro

Australian Water Association Victoria Awards 2022

reimagining your creek 

This submission was for a body of interrelated work carried out across an interconnected landscape.  Our work began with Melbourne Water working on the evaluation of channelised waterways for viability in creek naturalisation.  Assessments considered potential social, economic and environmental benefits balanced against costs across 5km of drainage corridor. Selected pilot projects allowed for the testing and refinement of design, engagement and procurement methods. Arnolds Creek and Blind Creek are now constructed outcomes; Stony Creek a concept design; Moonee Ponds Creek a master plan. They share the ambition to reintegrate human and natural ecologies, using water as the catalyst.


With Melbourne Water having a target to naturalise five kilometres of waterway across the Port Phillip and Westernport region by 2021, the objective of this program was to explore how existing concrete channels can be improved to create social and environmentally rich outcomes.


The naturalisation of urban waterway corridors provide critical opportunities for high quality, accessible public open space as well as improved visual amenity. The future of the creeklines are like connective tissue that ties together the fabric of the wider context, providing a link to the various amenities, schools and surrounding open spaces and catering for improved biodiversity and habitat, urban forests for localised cooling benefits at a range of scales.

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09-Arnolds Creek-Rory Gardiner-reconnect

Reimagining Your Creek inverses the standard approach of considering the environment as a resource to be controlled and used by humans. The strategic thinking and strong concept has delivered a scalable and adaptable framework that has fostered a more equitable relationship between humans and the environment.  -  Award Citation




2021 AILA Victoria Landscape Architecture Award for Infrastructure

2021 AILA National Landscape Architecture Award for Infrastructure

2022 Australian Water Association Victoria Infrastructure Innovation Award - Metro




Melbourne, Victoria


Melbourne Water


2019 - 21




E2DesignLab, Alluvium Consulting


Rory Gardiner

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